Home Savings Bank CD Rates

Home Savings Bank CD RatesHome Savings Bank CD rates were lowered last night. Short term CD rates at Home Savings Bank were lowered 10 basis points and long term CD rates were lowered by 20 basis points. Even with the recent decrease in rates, Home Savings Bank CD rates are still very competitive. 1 year CD rates from Home Savings Bank are now at 2.27 percent with an APY of 2.30 percent. The old 1 year CD rate at Home Savings Bank was at 2.47 percent with an APY of 2.50 percent.

Current Home Savings Bank Internet CD Rates

  • 6 Month 1.40% APY
  • 1 Year 2.30% APY
  • 18 Month 2.35% APY
  • 2 Year 2.55% APY
  • 3 Year 2.80% APY
  • 4 Year 3.05% APY
  • 5 Year 3.10% APY
These new CD rates at Home Savings Bank are for all types of certificate of deposits. Regular CD accounts, jumbo CD accounts and IRA CD accounts. Compare other CD rates at banks with Home Savings Bank CD rates to get the best deal today.
Author: Keith Mainoli
February 13th, 2019
Posted in: CD Rates