Best 12 Month CD Rates Today

Best 12 Month CD Rates TodayThe best 12 month CD rates today just moved higher because several banks increased their CD rates overnight. The current best CD rate goes to First Internet Bank of Indiana with a 12 month rate of 2.85 percent and a yield of 2.89 percent. The minimum opening balance for a CD account at First Internet Bank is $1,000.
The second best 12 month CD rate on our rate list is from another online bank, VirtualBank with a rate of 2.82 percent and an APY of 2.86 percent. The minimum opening deposit for a 12 month CD at VirtualBank is higher at $10,000. The third highest 1 year CD rate belongs to four different banks at 2.81 percent with an APY of 2.85 percent. The four banks offering this rate and yield are Limelight Bank, Sallie Mae, Live Oak Bank, and Popular Direct. Merrick Bank currently holds the sole spot for the 4th best rate on our list at 2.77 percent with an APY of 2.81 percent. We also have two banks and two credit unions offering the 5th best CD rate on our rate list at 2.80 percent. The two banks offering a yield of 2.80 percent are M.Y. Safra Bank and PurePoint Financial. The two credit unions are Pentagon Federal Credit Union and Connexus Credit Union.
Author: Keith Mainoli
January 8th, 2019
Posted in: CD Rates