East Boston Savings Bank's Rates and Financial Information

East Boston Savings Bank's Rates and Financial Information

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East Boston Savings Bank Main Address and Contact Information

10 Meridian Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02128

East Boston Savings Bank FDIC Certification Number


East Boston Savings Bank Financials

Total Assets: $2,004,789,000
Total Deposits: $1,650,137,000
Equity Capital: $185,414,000
Domestic Deposits: $1,650,137,000
Net Income: $2,006,000
Net Income (Quarterly): $2,006,000
Headquarters: East Boston
FDIC Field Office: North Boston
Regulator: FDIC
County: Suffolk
# of Offices: 24
Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA): Boston, MA-NH
Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA): Boston-Worcester-Lawrence, MA-NH-ME-CT
OTS Region: Northeast
FDIC Region: New York
Last Updated: 2012-05-14
Source: FDIC

East Boston Savings Bank FAQs

Where is the East Boston Savings Bank login page for online banking?
Access to your accounts with online banking is available on the East Boston Savings Bank website.
Are East Boston Savings Bank auto loans available?
Yes, you can find auto loans offered at competitive rates at East Boston Savings Bank. You can find the full auto loan rates and terms available online on the East Boston Savings Bank website.
Where do I apply for a East Boston Savings Bank credit card?
The East Boston Savings Bank does offer credit cards. For more information, current credit card rates, and to apply for a credit card, go to the East Boston Savings Bank website.
Can I get a mortgage from East Boston Savings Bank?
Yes, you can. Mortgage loans are available for East Boston Savings Bank Bank customers. Find today's mortgage rates and get approved for a mortgage online at East Boston Savings Bank's website.
Are online bill payments available?
East Boston Savings Bank customers can pay bills online by setting up your account on the East Boston Savings Bank website.

Boston, MA Bank Financial Summary Information

There are 14 banks in Boston, Massachusetts. Banks in Boston, MA have 176 offices/branches. Boston, MA bank offices hold $386,560 million in assets, with $287,497 million in deposits. The largest bank in Boston, MA is State Street Bank and Trust Company.

Boston, MA Branch Map Location

Google Map for East Boston Savings Bank Bank
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